Sunday, 9 September 2012

Breaking Call

Looking though her looking glass
she wanted so much more
but never would ask
sitting back breaking call
banging her head
against a voiceless wall

Pushed and pushed
everything she done
had to be rushed
to much to do
no time to stand still

Life rushed by
she never got to enjoy
what life had on offer
nothing could stop her

So as she looked through
her looking glass
memories of childhood
hit her lightening fast

Fun and laughter
filled her mind
a heart full of excitement
how could she of been so blind
in a rush going
no where fast

Like her life flashing
in front of her
knowing that she has forgotten
those important
those around her

Time for change
time to take charge
changing her life
would cut deep within her
just like a knife

Facing up to who she had become
crying for all that had gone
for all she had never done

Opening up her looking glass
letting light in
the change she longed for
letting it all in

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