Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fifty shades of Red

As her lipstick lay on the table
the light that shone down on her
he lay in the bed
and here is what he said
"Come closer my dear,
don't feel any fear "

He gently ran his hands over
her curves that shaped her all
as her cheeks on her face
glowed more
what clothes she had left on
fell to the floor

He spoke with a gentle whisper
that settled her nervous ways
this was something she had dreamed of
for so many of those lonely days

With red lips touching
his neck line so fine
scent of this man
their two lives caught in time

Red was her color
it filled her veins
as a rush of romance
filled their reins

Holding onto her
with a sparkle once again in his eye
knowing he did not need to try anymore
or ask her why

With a bed of wonder
fantasy filled the air
what was once only a dream
was now always there

As she looked in to the mirror
fixing her lipstick once again
she knew she had filled his happiness
this powerful gentleman

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