Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Watching for the Fall

Wondering imagination
laughter filled our souls
up to no good
lets explore the nearest wood
On our way to the open
the trees waving at us
with wind swept air
reining in
eyes wide open
smiles and a grin
Unable to walk past the trill
before we knew it
we were in our fill
as apples of nourishment
filled our pockets
the farmer flew out with his gun
like a rocket
Bang went the thunder
it took over the tighten air
flashes of lightening
As the farmer threw back his head
to this day
run away home
now children
do not delay
Scared and helpless
frightened to the bone
was it the weather
or the man
we had torn
Ripping his earning
from the trees of fruit so full
as darkness washed away
our lives that day
that was dull

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