Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kissing him Softly

As they wondered
through the darkness
with no light
to guide their way

He promised her a life
better than the one today
wishes that were once dreams
he wanted to make them come through

But love like this
may never last
would it see them
the night through

With a bridge of stoney wonder
edging on the side
as light plummeted through
making their love collide

As cotton fairy dust danced
around them both the air
He held her hands within his
and whispered his love so dear

He leaned to kiss her softly
he learned to do this well
she didnt decline his offer
instead she was captured under his spell

As the dark shifted their emotions
that had been held in for so long
the light that filled them both up
knowing they both did belong

A smile of innocence
crossed their faces
butterflies inside
all that was left now
was to have her at his side

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