Sunday, 21 October 2012

Secret Wonder

Wilderness of wonder
whistling her words through
emtpy was the forest
racing bluebells
purple heather

Sitting on a branch
looking all around
not a pin drop
not a tingling sound

Golden blast of colours
burst there way through
an open pathway
of secret wonder

Her eyes wonder around
wishing for more
wanting some company
nothing else
no one was there

Playing her tunes
as she sat in her own song
when out of no where
a giant branch
played along

With eyes blinking
so softly looking at her
she was his muse
of interest
astounding her

Long green mane
that followed down his back
whipping his tail
all she could hear was the crack

He came alive as her notes
fell to the ground
almost not believing her world was
turned upside down

'Who are you' ?
'how can this be' ?
'are you what i really see'?
'how on earth can this be?'

'Excuse me if i may;
say what i have to say '
'I enjoy your wonderful music
please play more for me'
he smiled

'I know i am different;
but should that matter?
'i live and breath
the same as you
i want to be your friend
if only i could '

After a while
she soon realised
he was her woodland surprise
friends in wonder they became
her life would never be the same

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