Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Set me Free

Let me in
giving up his fight
wanting much more now
wanting to realise his own light

He once walked with his head
held down
he was never allowed
to keep it up
all he did was frown

Correcting him was what she liked
to do
obeying her
was all
that he ever knew

When he realised
there was so much more to him
his emtyness and lonelyness
was discarded in the bin

Making a place
in the back of his mind
now his eyes were open
how could of he been so blind

A world full of laughter
a world full of hope
making a pathway for him
his life through a telescope

Now he was not under it
but seeing himself for the first time
knowing he was independant
and that was just fine

Her shackles he removed
and placed them to the side
his open mind and heart
were finally free to glide

Catching a shadow of himself
a reflection coming from within
he was so much stronger now
his old self left now living

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