Monday, 31 December 2012


Almost giving up on dreams
sharing light of shimmering beams
listen out loud
giving him love

Welcome back with open arms
held together like
something, someone new
no more running away
from his charms

Hit with a bolt of love
like a birds wing
clipped before
her wings spread
to allow for love

Echoes of who he used to be
sharing those thoughts
sharing those once hidden memories
some of which she still haunts
bringing him to his weakend knees

Salty tears they fall
nothing to catch the river that flows
as colour catches each drop
with a different expression
imprinting a lasting impression

Bye now good bye to yesterday
today had come to fast
for what he had once turned away
now with all the cards on the table
life seemed so clear

Who she was now
was not who she was that day
stranger in the darkness
not known to him
slowly shying away

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