Wednesday, 5 December 2012

In the company of Rules

Found in places
where no one else goes
shallow breaths
shallow halls
beyond imagination
fearing falls

Scream and no one hears
no one knows where it leads
no one can sense
your isolation
no one really cares

In a mind of frustration
in a state of solitude
in a body of lingering nothing
shaping up against
a shadow of before

Smiling glimpses
of who he used to be
not yet knowing where he was going
looking for effort from all
who lay before him
the nothing filled him inside
nothing filled his wild

Master of all
of none had he become
until she walked
into his life
filling his inner sight

No judgement
no thoughts of indifference
only wanting to understand
his feelings of unpleasant

Share it out
reap me like a wild flower
pull my stem
from nothing that is there
wolves on my sleeves
for all to bare

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