Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Prince of Tides

They say he was a dreamer
his vision no one would see
his words that meant so much to him
others would ignore

While he lived his way
as did they
his passion filled his veins
others just ran away

Away from life itself
he grabbed the bull by the horns
he knew his life would be
everyones elses yarns

Stories of him still linger
in the air
he was
the man of his day

A smile that could fill the darkest of rooms
a laugh that engulfed
each one
a scent of the sweetest

Knowledge like no other
an answer for everything
a simple way of thinking
not knowing his ship was sinking

As the tides
waved him off coarse
no way back now
his voice was tired and hoarse

Hand held out
no one could hear him shout
too late now he is gone
never knowing
where he truly belonged

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