Sunday, 23 December 2012

Reaching Out

If my fingers could touch yours
as i reach out for your hand
if my feet were standing in front
of you
instead of feeling like i'm sinking
in quick sand

I hear your voice echo
in my ears and mind all day
the memories of who you were
just never go away

I wish that you were here
right now
your always on our minds
the emptyness of loosing you
has left our
sadness blind

Looking at the stars above
i pick the one that is you
the shiniest of all of them
the one that sparkles blue

A shooting one across the sky
like you were in life
always running here and there
competing against the strife

So as we sit down
to enjoy our christmas cheer
an empty corner in a room will be
where you once filled that chair

As your photos all surround us
and we look at your smiling face
this day brings happiness and sadness
of a life we can't replace  

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