Thursday, 24 January 2013

Between the Cracks

As fragile as a tiny flake
her shadows of the past
began to rush and race
making her gentle heart go at a fast pace

Images of yesterday
caught up in time
flashing words became her call
lightening bolts pushed her from her feet

Staring into the emptyness
the nothing that was there
salty tears
clung to her face
along her soft curls of hair

Reflections of herself
looking back at her
who is this person
she has become

Once the road
was paved with dreams
that seemed so true
now the road was dark
nothing there , nothing new

Tunnels of dancing light
found there way through
into a icy presence
of someone she never knew

Stop the hurt
stop the pain
when it comes
it surely rains

Following dreams she once knew
now seemed so crystal clear
now seemed
so true

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