Friday, 18 January 2013

Broken Silence

Hearts that drag along
hearts that play along to their own song
which way does the rivers flow
which way does the water flow

Let the wind blow
let the love feel the way you know
it should go
leaving behind happiness
leaving imprints of foot prints
in the snow

As the cold grasps
each breath taken
kissing soft lips
capturing hearts
that have not yet been forsaken

Glide her off her feet
him off his
whisper how much you care
as you owe it all
to her and you

Take her by the hand
be in control
don't wait for someone else
to be there for her fall

As the leaves pass by
these will be the years that have slipped away
catch them as they fall
don't let them die and decay

Move her like never before
smiling eyes
that want you more and more
gentle touch of her hips
tasting sweetness of her lips

A man is what she needs
not someone who
wants to always fill his own needs
someone in control
someone who can take the toll

Lead her and guide her
she will follow each word you say
fill her with honesty
don't mind if she feels
all of your modesty

Like butterflies flying freely
hearts beating in time
words left unspoken
can sometimes fill
a heart that is broken

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