Friday, 18 January 2013

Measuring Minds

As she lay awake
measuring his face inside
the tunnels of her mind
his deep breaths
lay down paths of wonder
for her mind to ponder

Breathing in and out
his silence meant something more
than the words that came the hours
they had shared before

Emotions of new
filled her up inside
her fantasies
ran away within her
flowing mind

As he turned away from her
she smiled so gently
knowing he was dreaming
of her and all he knew

She has skipped so many hearts
threw arrows in empty directions before
but now love had truly come
knocking on her door

Leaving her flushed
light headed and freely bare
her mind was a wondering dream
he was always there

As she measured all who had come before
who had stayed and went
he was her statue of concrete
no one else would compare
the time in which they spent

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