Thursday, 21 February 2013

Don't forget us

I remember the days
when i would go and see you
a loving hand
you would hold out
and teach me my times two

A gentle voice
a loving heart
a wonderful person
right from the start

Always having time
for others
never thinking of yourself
pushing back the housework
to  make a conversation and help

At meal times always a place set
everyones for tea
laughter and chat filled the room
you were as busy as a bee

Never ever thinking
that one day would come
that we would watch over you
now it is our turn

Your loving smile still touches us
at will we wish you well
the happy times we remember
not on the illness that you have
we don't want to dwell

Your heart is strong
your mind is too
were so lucky
to have someone like you

So all that you have taught us
we hold deep inside
we know that you are an angel on earth
your wings you choose to hide

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