Saturday, 23 February 2013

Stranger of light

As silence bit his very soul, he grew tired of this life. His bones were sore aching from all he had experienced all those years before. The dead in eyes were sore to every blink. Scalding to every touch. The heat he was feeling was more torture than anything else. Willing it to rain, he might aswell of been looking for a needle in a haystack. All that sheltered his tired head was a worn piece of cloth, barely covering his bald patch. Looking to the skies as each burden of light tore him apart with razor sharp blows to his mind. Gasping every inch of dry air filled his slow pumping lungs. All along in the back of his mind the music of yesterday played it's role in his sensitive position. Cautioned by the nothing that was taken over him, how could he go on? These questions filled every splinter of his being.

How could someone who once travelled so far and come through so much be so low and give in so suddenly? Had he given up ? Or had something else predicted his pathway of life? There just seemed to be no answers to his questions. With his head held low and all that surrounded him not mattering anymore. Then all of a sudden a blast of vibration and volt took over his weak disposition. He grew tall and strong. Shaken by what was suddenly happening, what was happening to him? He did not know? Nothing could of shifted him before, now he was taller than ever almost touching the sky. His once tired lungs were working like mechanical systems. His once worn eyes felt no more digging pain. His once crusted face was cold to the touch. Was he dead ? or dreaming? these questions filled his mind.

' Why does the sun hurt no more ' ? ' Why do i not feel hunger or thirst any more ' ? With no one there to answer his questions , where was he to go? Fear suddenly took over this was an emotion he had not seen in a long time. As tall as he stood he couldn't understand all that was changing about him. Every step he took was like an earth moving motion. Jolting even him slightly off course. Where am i to go now? More powerful than ever he ran with excitement. Not been bothered by the huge gaps he left in his path. Freedom was his once again. A smile filled his cold skin. It was an effort to force this smile as his skin felt so tight and hard to move. The sand underneath his feet blew up and over the dry broken ground. Not realising that while he was running and causing the ground to move , he was encouraging life underneath to come through. 

He felt like he could run for ever and never ever stop. Suddenly another sharp light came down and lasered the ground on which he was making so much of. What ? he thought out loud. What is happening? No words or actions followed. He came to a stop. Not feeling tired, not feeling pain. Then out of no where, came a figure much the same as someone he knew before but different. ' Who are you '. The figure stood and uttered not a word. Confused by the silence, curiosity got the better of him. He walked over in his heavy manner. Every thump of the weakened ground beat every inch of her. Not knowing who she was bewildered his changed mind. ' I feel like i know you ? ' , he thought to himself. Walking around her almost making himself dizzy, her eyes followed him with every breath he took. She suddenly opened her thoughts as he was thrown back by knowing what she was saying. To his surprise her lips didn't move, her words were driven by a telepathic form.

' Right ' , he spoke. ' What is going on here '? She continued to use her mind to drive her words through to him. ' I come from far away, a place you have forgotton about'. 'What place'? This made no sense to him at all. Lingering in the air a familiar smell drove a memory back to him. As this grew stronger and stronger so did her telepathic words to him. They were like formulas in his head not written words. Each one made sense to him for some strange reason. A flash of light came again, different than before. ' Run' , she shouted to him. 'What ' ? 'Why '? The look in her eyes made him aware of the danger that would unfold if he stayed. How could he run without her by his side? What would happen to her if he left her? With no answers in his mind, the ground opened up and pulled her in. 'No', he shouted out .

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