Friday, 22 March 2013

Casting Shadows

Rumbling hills fall over me
sea beds wash me away
skies that throw off clouds of grey
bring about another day

Tiny seeded ground
creatures venture around
open land
bare solid trees band

Casting her eyes over all
lights in the distance
she could hear his call
walking towards his shadow
waiting for him
to catch her fall

As a rush ran  through her
happiness filled her face
deep down inside
she could not of been in a better place

Running, racing towards his voice
soon she would be there
but no one would be waiting
just an empty place

The voices were inside her head
the past events of then
as the hills rolled over
her heart was emptied out again

Shoulders that once sheltered her
hands that held her strong
nothing could replace the way she felt
for loving him so long

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