Saturday, 9 March 2013

Running from the gun

Begger man , begger man
don't make me steal
i don't want to come to harm
i don't want to be real

Stop me right now
don't encourage me
hold me back from temptation
let me just see

Why do you insist
i do the things i do
why can't you say no to me
why be stuck to me like glue

Make me see sense
show me where im going wrong
do not let me turn the path
help me to stay strong

Why must you push me around
in this way
everytime i look at you
i know this is the day

Another day spent
taken for you
why cant i stand up for myself
i do not want to be like you

Leave me in peace
leave me alone
silence now fills the steps
of where you once called home

All i wanted was freedom and choice
now all i feel
is the silence of your
once demanding voice

Dreams i once chased
are now carved in stone
we are finally together
two cowboys on the run
in a place we call home

As we are laid down to sleep
side by side
we will ride the clouds above
like Bonnie and Clyde

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