Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wild Eyes

Hidden eyes of wonder
pumping amusement my way
pushing pressure
in to the light of day

Rush your hands
along the bare wall
hearing a voice in the background
him thinking ,'Is it her call?'

Turning around to see
there she is
skirt slightly
above her knees

Light flickering in to the room
his heart is pounding fast
as he in hails
the sweet smell of
her perfume

Her eyes grip his
like mesmerizing stars in the night
unable to look away
he holds out his hand

Pulls her into him
turns her towards the door
as he carries her across
the stony floor

With his hands held
firmly on her hips
he softly touches
her soft red lips

With passion
and lust
filling both up inside
it is like two beautiful
worlds about to collide

The energy that refuses
to stand still
hunger that fills up
a room full of sin

Lifting her up
as she drips down on him
her scent allures him
it pulls him right in


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