Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Burnt Out

Feeling like a burning candle
blowing in the wind
nothing left to give
mind is like a sieve

Eyes that ponder every word
wishfully hoping they will stick
reading nothing amusing
body is feeling sick

Suddenly interesting images
spring to mind
information fills
the sight that was once blind

Breath of air
watch your step
take care
soak it up
don't let go

Keep going
will be worth it
no one to discourage
silence turning a smile
something well written
emotions inside
now were all smitten

Monday, 29 April 2013

Lips Combined

Twisting branches gather
follow follow me
her finger gestures swallow him
they bring him to his knees

With lips so roaring red
her silky dress hangs bare
her shoe less feet
make his heart beat
his kindness oh so rare

As the birds fly off in flight
the sun it hangs low in the sky
their shadows play along
making scenes of times gone by

Lay your hands on me
she called out to him
shelter me with your love
as the rain fell from above

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mechanical Minds

Telepathic interests
feelings coming out
wondering who they were
where they came from
minds mesmerising each others emotions

Movement of their feet
around each other
looking into dark eyes
glowing images
to their surprise

Hands held together
lips combined
love of eternal lusting
future hearts entwined

Follow them

Foot steps
deep pounds felt down
open up
folding eyes around
silence of the nothing inside
close minds hide

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Solemn are the echoes

Never let the anger
Take away the spark

Never let the arrows

Cut holes
Deep in your heart

Never let the silence
Be the winning game

Never want to hear no words
Life would not be the same

Wishing for those moments
Wrapped deep within your soul

Always hold them close
As life it takes control

Be your own master
Your voice it belongs to you

Be your own guardian
Walk in your own shoes

Beyond your Dreams

Reaching beyond the fields
as far as the eyes can see
looking for more
looking out to sea

Branches shadow
birds in flight
winds that sweep away
the children s kite

Dusting foot prints
gather along perfect images
posing for the camera
saying words like sausages

Flickering sunshine glowing in the sky
clouds full of shapes
feeling the escape
running wild water
up to the knees

Bringing them back
to the time of ease
no pressures of life
so simple and at peace

Silence of the day
no rain to wash them away
hand prints left in the sand
castles built on demand

As hunger fills them up
the dry it hits their throats
looking back over their shoulders
of beauty of it's coat

Don't take me for granted
don't leave me to long
come back and see me
playing your song

Friday, 12 April 2013

Broken Lies

Crying eyes
broken lies
scars that cut
deep within
torn disguise

Falling alone
hearing your voice
all in its tone
never wanting to feel hurt
to the bone

Wishing simple thoughts
spreading wings again
finding life is different
trapped in a den

Blowing back the colours
pulling across the sheets
nothing ever lies there
not even the heart beats

Sudden rafts of rivers
flowing up and down
always feeling like a fool
feeling like a clown

Rapture holes inside
each tunnel a memory
forget the past and present
the futures now brighter
you see

Craving more and more
grasping at the edges
forget the here and now
fit inside the wedges

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Haunted by the Hunted

In the mist
running as his side did twist
bare feet digging into the thistled ground
his heart beaten fast
his head low
feeling each pound

The heat and sweat
it fell from his head
wanting to lay down
to make his bed

Finding a space
somewhere to hide
no one to seek him out
no one to take the words from his mouth

As the stars shone brightly
his blanket above
night time calls
there she was
his white dove

An image of her
shinning away
making him smile
not to be afraid
or turn into decay

His mind was his shelter
his memories they ran
where did he belong
this hunted man

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hold that Door

Running for her life
as fast as she could
nothing could stop her
it was in her blood

Heels digging the ground
pulling everything in the way
sweat falling off her
she is not feeling okay

Looking at her watch
with every step she took
she barely made it for the bus
in all her excitement and rush

As the minutes rolled by so fast
she wondered would she make it
before her heart exploded
before she would pass out

Jumping off over the steps
hold that door she shouted
to the young man
please help

She ran all frazzled
finally making it in
only to realize
It was the wrong building

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

One step forward

Taken them on a journey
not knowing what lay ahead
the adventure was in their bones
if they failed they had made their own bed

Rescue their minds
steal their souls
fight for their freedom
beyond the white walls

Standing for the cause
knowing at will
resolution may never
be the happiest pill

Marching ahead
like deer in the night
hungry for answers
their will and their plight

Wanting to achieve
what others never did before
to change the matters
that lay at their door

Voices did crackle
footsteps were felt
words did exchange
paperwork was sent

Sunshine it glared
hot to the core
they had achieved so much more
than the people before

Giving them voices
choices indeed
freedom was theirs
sowing the seed

Watching it grow
into the future that came
no longer afraid to fight
women and men

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Darkness Falls

He always looked at things so clear
straight down the line
somethings never change he thought
but these words he would soon swallow
for all he had fought

Hands over his eyes
tears ripping through his skin
darkness filled his mind
leaving him blind

In every corner of the room
nothing made sense
vision blurred
eyesight in a whirl

Shadows of the past
knocked on his door
voices filled his lonely mind
suddenly a voice came from behind

A familiar voice
he turned around
her gentle touch
her looks did astound

Taken her hand
standing up in his pain
her arms around him
he would never feel the same again

As darkness shifted
and the sun shone brightly in to the room
all that lay in the mist
was the sweet smell of her perfume

Monday, 1 April 2013

Silent Whispers

Here is it
it is finally here
where it came from
it seems so clear

After days of wondering when
it would come along
the day it is upon me
the words just flow to the song

I have been given a challenge
to write it down
hoping that i can make it work
not be left looking like a clown

I write it all down
her life of then and now
her beauty did astound them
she was the lady in the crowd

Her legacy she left behind
every man left a stamp on her heart
but when she left suddenly
it was theirs that was left with a mark

Sadness filled their eyes
pain stuck deep inside
but only one really stole her heart
he was the rib of her side

Her loving son so upset
his loving mother gone
he loved her all her life
he sang her beautiful song

Mother you were there for me
like any mother should
i will always remember you
especially my childhood

Every man held a rose
with no thorns to tare their skin
the pain that each one felt
tore their hearts within

As day turned into night
each one looking to the skies
the brightest star it shone
it was her beauty
it did rise

Lifting up their heads
knowing she was there
to watch over them
the rose they loved so dear