Wednesday, 3 April 2013

One step forward

Taken them on a journey
not knowing what lay ahead
the adventure was in their bones
if they failed they had made their own bed

Rescue their minds
steal their souls
fight for their freedom
beyond the white walls

Standing for the cause
knowing at will
resolution may never
be the happiest pill

Marching ahead
like deer in the night
hungry for answers
their will and their plight

Wanting to achieve
what others never did before
to change the matters
that lay at their door

Voices did crackle
footsteps were felt
words did exchange
paperwork was sent

Sunshine it glared
hot to the core
they had achieved so much more
than the people before

Giving them voices
choices indeed
freedom was theirs
sowing the seed

Watching it grow
into the future that came
no longer afraid to fight
women and men

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