Monday, 1 April 2013

Silent Whispers

Here is it
it is finally here
where it came from
it seems so clear

After days of wondering when
it would come along
the day it is upon me
the words just flow to the song

I have been given a challenge
to write it down
hoping that i can make it work
not be left looking like a clown

I write it all down
her life of then and now
her beauty did astound them
she was the lady in the crowd

Her legacy she left behind
every man left a stamp on her heart
but when she left suddenly
it was theirs that was left with a mark

Sadness filled their eyes
pain stuck deep inside
but only one really stole her heart
he was the rib of her side

Her loving son so upset
his loving mother gone
he loved her all her life
he sang her beautiful song

Mother you were there for me
like any mother should
i will always remember you
especially my childhood

Every man held a rose
with no thorns to tare their skin
the pain that each one felt
tore their hearts within

As day turned into night
each one looking to the skies
the brightest star it shone
it was her beauty
it did rise

Lifting up their heads
knowing she was there
to watch over them
the rose they loved so dear

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