Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lay me Down

Standing at the foothills
her pain weaved in the cold
breathless steps forward
movement of the ground
dark clouds fill her despair of old

Seeking more of what she left behind
a forgotten past lay in her wake 
a hand held out
tumbling thoughts she did shout
was this to be her fate
her way out


Lay me down
rest my soul
where upon this island
life has taken it's toll
shouting out words 
that fall so slow
lay me down rest my soul


As the ground muttered noises 
beneath her feet so bare 
her beauty did astound them 
her golden locks of hair

Tumbling down her shoulders 
swaying to her song 
men lay in her pathway
thirsty to belong 


As each one of their throats dried up
hardly able to breath 
the snow flakes fall
gently to her feet

Each man held a rose
in her memory
carefully laying it down
with hearts held heavily 


Never would they forget her
she stamped their hearts laid bare
her beauty it did capture
her skin it was so fair
a life she had lived 
these men each playing a part
only one could really steal
this beauty' s beaten heart

As his tears they fell down on her
his loss it was so clear
she was the only woman for him
his mother, he loved so dear
oh gentle whispers follow her 
lead her to the light 
let her be the brightest star
that fills the darkest night.


Running Words

He whistles to her
come meet me half way
be the cut in my diamond
come brighten my day

A place in his heart
he keeps just for her
a gentleman he is
such a kind sir

Turning the pages
quickly to see
where they will end up
will they marry
or live free

Wonders take hold
wanting to rush and take it all in
hurry up dialogue
time waits for no man

Words written, time well spent
hours of thinking
eyes always blinking
tiredness making sentences
feel like a ship sinking

Chapter nearly done
book mark needs to be placed
he can not wait
to see who else she meets