Tuesday, 12 November 2013

In My Arms

There they are
those shooting pains
pushing and pulling
like horses reins
Fast and furious
galloping away on me
please make the pain stop
i’m really not ready
Oh no i shout out
please get me there
i’m so scared and vulnerable
my friends they haven’t got a care
Off go the sirens
they finally have arrived
i clasp the nurses hand
she wipes my forehead
with a cloth
like a sweatband
Breath in and out
are her words to me
what would you know
please leave me be
Barely in the door
no time to ignore
you have arrived
my beautiful baby boy
With eyes looking up
your skin so soft and fair
your head full of thick
dark brown hair
I know from this day forward
my life would never be the same
as i sat watching you graduate
these thoughts
i did contemplate
My handsome son
i’m proud
you have never let me down
your beautiful big smile
you never ever frowned
Now your a grown man
i know that your okay
the day that you were born
you took my heart away

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