Saturday, 22 November 2014

Whispers No More

Silence was all around
nothing moving, not a sound
shadows fall upon the walls
squawking birds
she does not hear their calls

Knocking and hammering
on the door
bell ringing out
whispers no more

Footsteps, movement
might as well be like feathers
no response
no flicker
hands over her eyes
heart is in disguise

Footsteps come closer
tap on her shoulder
masked he once was
now he is her supporter

Touching the lamp
that lay dormant and still
doorbell rings out
light begins to full fill

She gestures her father
to greet him with thanks
not knowing her partner
was trying all the time

To connect
to contact
the sound it could not reach
but the light it did
what nothing else could
her heart it made beat

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Swept Away

Tumbling tortured footsteps
steeped in age and will
He was her forever after
she was his safety pill

Swallowing breathless air
images no one could compare
pulled together by time
mountains they would have to climb

Waltzing to the song
that first brought them together
scent of her perfume
her body as light as a feather 

As a breath drew close
eyes fixed on one another
hands held tight
her last fight

Tears fell down
on her lifeless cheek
a man once strong
now on his knees weak

They were once inseparable
united as one
her body gave up
her spirit lived on

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Sudden glimpse of shadows
days that once stood still
memories of those moments
sending shivers, giving chills

Waking up to nothing
walls that slowly move in
voices showing anger
frustration no will

As eyes that are worn
and tired
push away night into day
he was a vulnerable pray
not wanting anyone to stay

Curled into foetal position
twisting back and forward
voices there once again
feeling like a coward

Shimmering light it glimmers
washing away the decay
finally a tunnel of hope
now no feeling
no tightness of the rope

Stretched arms out
legs in position
Taking deep breaths
no opposition

Smiling at last
encounters of the past
hardship is gone
knowing he belongs

Saturday, 26 July 2014

No Where to Run

I cry and cry
but no one hears
no one even takes
notice of our tears

A silence falls
all day long
our bodies are weak
while they feel strong

Born into disaster
families torn and divided by war
how long more
just how far

Little children lay awake
afraid to close their eyes
not knowing of what tomorrow brings
soldiers in masks
covering their disguise

worn out
afraid for the children
yet to be born

Grown men and women digging
loved ones from the ground
while others place more
beneath the missile rubble
others yet to be found

No where to run
no where to hide
tears and fears
are their reality
for the rest of their lives

Sunday, 20 July 2014


How can I evoke your mind
How can I make you see
What was always there for you
Was also there for me

Something in the way you stir
Strikes something inside me
Like a bolt of lightening
Like a storm way out at sea

Crashing of the waves
Pulling and pushing fast
With an inhale of deep breaths
A legacy that lasts

Surrounded by such wonder
Impressions of what could be
A tale yet to be told
A mystery to unfold

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Switching on the box
with nothing else to do
no remote control to help us
we hadn't got a clue

Waiting for the weekend
for our favourites
to come on
hardly able to contain ourselves
wanting to have some fun

With a story to unfold
right before our eyes
musical entertainment
dancing and surprise

we would learn to copy and sing
the songs of those days
putting on our shows
in a field of sun rays

swimming in the rivers
jaws came alive before our eyes
with the mischievous boys
with their playful enterprise

Then came us singing
 as we swam up to them
catch me i'm falling
dirty dancing

Your the one that I want
some were really not
scary hours we spent
popcorn in the pot

Movies of yesterday
once came alive
not only on our big screens
but through our teenage lives

Memories are etched
in our minds of our young selves
the characters we played out
helped us express who we were
stories of someone else