Thursday, 19 June 2014


Switching on the box
with nothing else to do
no remote control to help us
we hadn't got a clue

Waiting for the weekend
for our favourites
to come on
hardly able to contain ourselves
wanting to have some fun

With a story to unfold
right before our eyes
musical entertainment
dancing and surprise

we would learn to copy and sing
the songs of those days
putting on our shows
in a field of sun rays

swimming in the rivers
jaws came alive before our eyes
with the mischievous boys
with their playful enterprise

Then came us singing
 as we swam up to them
catch me i'm falling
dirty dancing

Your the one that I want
some were really not
scary hours we spent
popcorn in the pot

Movies of yesterday
once came alive
not only on our big screens
but through our teenage lives

Memories are etched
in our minds of our young selves
the characters we played out
helped us express who we were
stories of someone else

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