Thursday, 23 October 2014

Swept Away

Tumbling tortured footsteps
steeped in age and will
He was her forever after
she was his safety pill

Swallowing breathless air
images no one could compare
pulled together by time
mountains they would have to climb

Waltzing to the song
that first brought them together
scent of her perfume
her body as light as a feather 

As a breath drew close
eyes fixed on one another
hands held tight
her last fight

Tears fell down
on her lifeless cheek
a man once strong
now on his knees weak

They were once inseparable
united as one
her body gave up
her spirit lived on

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Sudden glimpse of shadows
days that once stood still
memories of those moments
sending shivers, giving chills

Waking up to nothing
walls that slowly move in
voices showing anger
frustration no will

As eyes that are worn
and tired
push away night into day
he was a vulnerable pray
not wanting anyone to stay

Curled into foetal position
twisting back and forward
voices there once again
feeling like a coward

Shimmering light it glimmers
washing away the decay
finally a tunnel of hope
now no feeling
no tightness of the rope

Stretched arms out
legs in position
Taking deep breaths
no opposition

Smiling at last
encounters of the past
hardship is gone
knowing he belongs