Saturday, 22 November 2014

Whispers No More

Silence was all around
nothing moving, not a sound
shadows fall upon the walls
squawking birds
she does not hear their calls

Knocking and hammering
on the door
bell ringing out
whispers no more

Footsteps, movement
might as well be like feathers
no response
no flicker
hands over her eyes
heart is in disguise

Footsteps come closer
tap on her shoulder
masked he once was
now he is her supporter

Touching the lamp
that lay dormant and still
doorbell rings out
light begins to full fill

She gestures her father
to greet him with thanks
not knowing her partner
was trying all the time

To connect
to contact
the sound it could not reach
but the light it did
what nothing else could
her heart it made beat

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