Friday, 18 December 2015


Grasping at him
like a weird science fiction movie
her tentacles driven
deep inside him

Ruptured heart
tortured soul
feet dug hard
into the dusty ground

Whistling noise
surrounding him
around and around
it goes

Shredded clothes
laid bare
bursting flames
against her shadowed pose

Mirroring images
grappling the space
enticing the toned figure
configure his face

Eyes shooting voices
silent on her ears
arms of embracement
encased all his fears


Sunday, 22 November 2015


Darkened mind. Full of confusion. Elements surprising his ownself. Looking out the dusty window. He had only one thing on his mind. Her and nothing could remove her from the background. Wishing she was there just like before. Leaving this place meant leaving her behind. Something he could never do. Creating the scene was his only option. Turning himself around. His heart beating in his chest. His mind was playing tricks on him once again. Or was it. There she stood. In her playful skirt. Hair half hung on her naked shoulders. She walked towards him, took him by the hand. ' Come with me '. ' Where? '. Her smile brought him to his knees. Gathering her skirt in the other hand, she took him to the room where life once lived.

His silence made her wonder. Showing him the way. Her shoeless feet marked the dusty floor. Cold to the touch. He followed each dusty mark left behind. No windows to show light. Close the door slightly just enough to keep us in here. A flicker of light escaped in between the slight gap. Now she had him in her love trap. 'Are you ready?'. 'Yes'. As his heart almost exploded in his chest with excitement and fear. 'Trust me'. His head fell gently to the floor. This was his shyness. She took her hand. Placed her finger underneath his chin. Pushed his head up slowy. Looked him in the eye and moved him around the floor. Fumes of dust filled the room just like they did that night all those years before. He couldnt control himself. Wildness filled his soul. Now its my turn. Removing his shackles now. Opening up his spine. Arms held out. He placed her against the wall. His shadow following him. Lifting her skirt his thirst grew stronger and stronger. Her tainted love was all he needed. Moving her arm upwards her body responded to his actions.

Her curls almost strangled his breath. Dry throat made him wet his tongue on hers. Smoothness of the experience. Now taking her other hand. Moving them both above her shadow. Particles of dust falling like tiny angels over them both. No escape no where to go. Applausing his actions in her mind. Smirking away as he had to work more for his meal. The only sound that filled the room was their beating hearts and their breath getting louder with each intention. He turned her around. Now removing her blind.' Open up your eyes? ' ' Let me in? '. Her hands fell down and grabbed his placing them where he wanted it all to start. His hands moved her hips as lust fell from her lips. Their shadows left the room as the flickering light left it's place. A room full of darkness. Adventures became the game now. Guidance was his flirt. Taking her skirt and removing it from the temptress. Her shawl that was covering her boldness fell in the same sequence. Wondering hearts, wondering minds, taking off the blinds.

Having the time of their lives. Life filled the room once again. Steamed up with emotions. Scents of one another. Like two planets colliding. The explosions were the formations of the present.' Close the door'.' I want  nothing to interupt what we have'.  Teasing him with her flirty eyes. She lay him down on the floor and began to explore. Moving his legs out. Her red nails moved upwards. She lay kisses on his chest. As her naked breasts brushed against his vulnerable body. Sugar candy was his flavour. She gave him hers. Moving herself all over him. Like two painted mannequins, displayed in different ways. Her adavances made him loose control. As he did she moved back on him. Pressed down hard and smiled and all that she had achieved. Like a hungry wolf she had played the game. She came out on top.

A feast she gave him. He devoured every last bite. Love and lust emptied out the stillness of the night. As he stood up a card fell from his pocket. Queen of hearts. It was like dancing with the devil that night. She took the card. ' What happens next? '. '  Your the one holding the card '. ' So i am '.


Muscle torn body
perfectly in time with hers
What a scene
naked flesh
pressed against each other
water falling
making the scent fresh

Lather of the bubbles
brushed against
tempting skin
performance of sin

Steam finds its way
towards the glass
smears been brushed away
with naked ass
her lips pushed
against his with such class

His intensions to unglove
her hands
leave his mark
from where he stands

Eyes rolling
with each thrust
droplets of temptation
leave her body

Red nails
paint his back
leaving behind
nothing but her track

Saturday, 21 November 2015


He ran his fingers
in places where darkness grew
passion fulfillment 
heart pounding lust

Blood thirsty
shadows put on a show
of the forbidden
a room full of sin

Breathless nothing
turning away
silence of despair
arousal is in the air

Eyes that invite
one another into the den
what happened before
what happened then

Sensual evocative thoughts
evoke mystery
chained in illusion
not wanting to jump
to the wrong conclusion

Laid there
everything bare
feasting on the fruits
of the forbidden


Her ruptured heart
Timeless past
not everything in colour
needs to last

Perfumed words
scaled  imprints
lined her spine
caught up in time

Red foot prints
steel claws
fogged up glass
no applause

Sea of indulgence
drowning  abundance
requesting substance
of smothering recall

Softening offers
prisoner of matter
isolated particles
of velvet cascades


Explosive memories
is all you have
a day of devastation
and destruction

My calls to you
were to be my last
my tears that fell
that day
fell fast

Ruins now stand
where happiness once lived
of lives that were drastically taken
all now is forsaken

I tried to lie still
as they moved over us like the kill
please help me
i don't want to pay for their sins

Blackened hearts
who know no love
at all
we are separted so small

Ripped from the wombs
of our mothers
the ribs of our fathers
caged for your satisfaction

We will stand united
we will not falter
we will remember those
who are gone
from the greed of your gun

A mother, a daughter, a son, a father
an uncle, an auntie and cousins
a circle of friends
a family

Let our flags
fly high with pride
we will fight
the painted black

Friday, 20 November 2015


Assault of the mind
treasures for them to find
yesterday left behind
emptiness inside

Vulnerable isolated vessels
tortured for your cause
no time to stop
no time to pause

Escaping the here and now
like dogs in the wild
howling out the nothing
that exists

Performing your infliction
walls that cry tears
trying to break down
innocent calls

Praying for their loss
scars that will weep forever
no ones escapes
the blackened clouds

Cold are the hearts
encaged in rage
fires that will burn
a road of no return

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Inspiring her to drop it all
right there in front of him
left his lonely mind
isolated and wondering

Absolutely conscious
of all he knew
all he ever wanted
was a glimpse of her shoe

Ankles that wore
her tattoo well
perfect leg position
who could tell

Cigarette smoke
blew into the night air
strangers who had
crossed paths
 no one to judge them
no one to care

Eyes that devoured
flickering lights
mouth watering thoughts
hearts free
like kites

Smiles that awaken
something buried inside
no need to run
to need to hide

Chances that fall
like a deck of cards
gambling with
the cords of the heart

Pulling strings
making music together
muscles of excitement
ride the stormy weather

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Wasted lands
white chalked grounds
nothing exists
only emptiness

Survivors of the past
sounds that would pound and blast
words that want to be said
no one gets it
no gets paid

Battered tortured and bruised
hurt so deep
pain trapped inside
pushed in time
in waist steep

Dry throat
thirsty mouth
falling to the ground
dirt driven
moved over us like the kill

Hands that form
like a map of young men before
water falls to reach the lines
that meet each others existence

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


White covered images
leave ravenous mouth urging
thought provoking
wondering of inner beauty

Splashes of silhouette
yearning for more
much more
covering of canvass

Laid bare for all to see
patches of society
only eyes show
stretched branches

Luring imagination
pulsating body
scented stems
of velvet softness


Strangling arms
air held tight
no where to move
no room to fight

Clamping heart
shackles keeping us apart
torn by beauty
worn by maturity

Divided by the few
experience if only they knew
nature nurture
do not make me believe
for you are about deceive

Sound has catapulted
imagination of concentration
bound by
her spiritual eye

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Shadows Past

Never feeling like an intruder in anyone's life, yet alone in her own. She stepped down off the last step and into her future. Gone were the days when frustration and puzzles filled her worn out mind. Kissing goodbye to the past and hello to the future. Everything seemed so bright.

'Time stands still for no one', she thought. Walking alone with her head held high nothing could phase her proud new self. Until she caught her own reflection in the a shop window. It was as tough time was standing still for ever. Taking her fingers to her face, she brushed her fingers along her cheeks. Slowly moving them down along her neck.  Confusion of who she was striving to be and once was, that person she left on the last step set in.  'Am I moving into someone else's life or my own?'.  Suddenly a tear rolled from her eye.  'I am finally seen myself for the first time in a long time'. Missing her old self , someone full of confidence and most of all happiness. Like an inner piece that cannot be explained.

A familiar smell wafted past her.  She caught a quick glimpse. A shadow stole her moment. Then a voice broke the silence of her thoughts.  ' I know you don't I?' 'Sorry she said'.  ' Do I know you?' 'We went for the same interview, but you got the job'. 'How is that job going now?' 'Oh I don't work there anymore'. 'Why what happened?' ' Nothing I just decided that I needed to live again'. 

'I remember you seemed so happy' . 'Happiness cannot be found in just one place'. ' It took me a lot of soul searching to figure that out'.  ' Are you happy now then?' 'I'm about to find out'.  Taking herself off on an adventure where she didn't know where it would take her. She seemed to be embracing herself, her new founded surroundings and an encounter with someone who was so much like the old her. But at the same time reminded her of the new her.

'Lasting impression is what I want to leave in my footprints in life'.  These were the last words spoken to the woman she had so much in common with. ' I hope you find what you are looking for'

' So do I, but if I don't well at least I will have fun trying'. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Not Knowing

Pain stricken suffering
destruction beyond compare
nobody knows
who once lived there

Sand blasted ground
white chalked soil
mothers cry out
waiting for their child

Patience and understanding
as help arrives
hope is all they have
tears and tiredness
in their eyes

Frustrated and battered
by all they have seen
how can anyone contemplate
such horrifying scenes

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Natures Way

As natural a snow drop
As natural a flake
As natural the grass grows
As natural a mistake

Mistaking the moves
foliage lay bare
wondering and waiting
the fruits of our wares

Hips hugging nature
eyes sparkling through the night
animal sounds
some giving us a fright

Racing and pondering
who is the perfect one
eyes glance across the room
lusting for some

Gasping breaths of each
animals wild and tamed
beating breaths of hunger
chasing life’s reins

Gathering in packs
looking for the one
scent driven dominate
figures they have become

Wildness has no limits
lust it has no end
natures loving arm
prey on us
as we defend

Friday, 10 April 2015

How Fortunate

Imagine falling
imagine now
imagine something
imagine somehow

Somehow knowing
somehow it all
somehow what could happen
somehow receiving that call

That call you never thought
that call would never come
that call overwhelmed you
that call somehow never should

Never should of happened
never could of came
never would of been possible
never would you be the same

The same things happen
sometimes every single day
sometimes little miracles
do come through
even though your so far away.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Working her way to no where
feeling like a fool
endless days of nothing
sat up there on that stool

Pushing herself to her limits
muscles torn ripping her sides
hands move slowly downwards
hair brushes along as she glides

Heat impacts her body
air there is none to breath
she has made her bed now
she has sown her seed

Plummeting herself forward
into the dusty air
body dusting dancing
shoes left idol there

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Dare to Win

A rush of air
a rush of will
his tormented soul
never knew where to begin

Walking around
with his head in the ground
nothing to share
not a single sound

Flashing of lights
the rush of the crowd
sweet smell of perfume
made his heart pound

Singular figures
parallel lines
looking at his hands
spines of hardened times

Bolts of white lightening
phantoms of knew
strangers of the night
out of the blue

Curled up in emptiness
figure lying still
dare he open his eyes or heart
dare he hunger for the thrill

Saturday, 4 April 2015

No Reply

Hearing the calls
voices of yesterday
echoes all around
faces in dismay

Shoulders hung forward
pain etched in solace places
no more smiles
sorrow in spaces

Footsteps loud and clear
thumping of beating hearts
dirt driven ground
yours is the last sound

Sunday, 25 January 2015

State Of Pause

In his recent mind
nothing seemed so real
everything and anything
was there for the steal

Whipping his hair back
life rushed in and out
smoke filled his lungs
lips sipping the stout

Worn eyes wondering
around the room
inspecting each member
scent of gentle perfume

Life held tight
against the storm
no where to go
no where to call home

Etched pain
held in his heart
her words spilling from his lonely mind
a strangers voice
saving time

Stepping along
towards the nothing
that was there
no one to love him
no one to care