Saturday, 21 November 2015


Explosive memories
is all you have
a day of devastation
and destruction

My calls to you
were to be my last
my tears that fell
that day
fell fast

Ruins now stand
where happiness once lived
of lives that were drastically taken
all now is forsaken

I tried to lie still
as they moved over us like the kill
please help me
i don't want to pay for their sins

Blackened hearts
who know no love
at all
we are separted so small

Ripped from the wombs
of our mothers
the ribs of our fathers
caged for your satisfaction

We will stand united
we will not falter
we will remember those
who are gone
from the greed of your gun

A mother, a daughter, a son, a father
an uncle, an auntie and cousins
a circle of friends
a family

Let our flags
fly high with pride
we will fight
the painted black

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