Sunday, 22 November 2015


Darkened mind. Full of confusion. Elements surprising his ownself. Looking out the dusty window. He had only one thing on his mind. Her and nothing could remove her from the background. Wishing she was there just like before. Leaving this place meant leaving her behind. Something he could never do. Creating the scene was his only option. Turning himself around. His heart beating in his chest. His mind was playing tricks on him once again. Or was it. There she stood. In her playful skirt. Hair half hung on her naked shoulders. She walked towards him, took him by the hand. ' Come with me '. ' Where? '. Her smile brought him to his knees. Gathering her skirt in the other hand, she took him to the room where life once lived.

His silence made her wonder. Showing him the way. Her shoeless feet marked the dusty floor. Cold to the touch. He followed each dusty mark left behind. No windows to show light. Close the door slightly just enough to keep us in here. A flicker of light escaped in between the slight gap. Now she had him in her love trap. 'Are you ready?'. 'Yes'. As his heart almost exploded in his chest with excitement and fear. 'Trust me'. His head fell gently to the floor. This was his shyness. She took her hand. Placed her finger underneath his chin. Pushed his head up slowy. Looked him in the eye and moved him around the floor. Fumes of dust filled the room just like they did that night all those years before. He couldnt control himself. Wildness filled his soul. Now its my turn. Removing his shackles now. Opening up his spine. Arms held out. He placed her against the wall. His shadow following him. Lifting her skirt his thirst grew stronger and stronger. Her tainted love was all he needed. Moving her arm upwards her body responded to his actions.

Her curls almost strangled his breath. Dry throat made him wet his tongue on hers. Smoothness of the experience. Now taking her other hand. Moving them both above her shadow. Particles of dust falling like tiny angels over them both. No escape no where to go. Applausing his actions in her mind. Smirking away as he had to work more for his meal. The only sound that filled the room was their beating hearts and their breath getting louder with each intention. He turned her around. Now removing her blind.' Open up your eyes? ' ' Let me in? '. Her hands fell down and grabbed his placing them where he wanted it all to start. His hands moved her hips as lust fell from her lips. Their shadows left the room as the flickering light left it's place. A room full of darkness. Adventures became the game now. Guidance was his flirt. Taking her skirt and removing it from the temptress. Her shawl that was covering her boldness fell in the same sequence. Wondering hearts, wondering minds, taking off the blinds.

Having the time of their lives. Life filled the room once again. Steamed up with emotions. Scents of one another. Like two planets colliding. The explosions were the formations of the present.' Close the door'.' I want  nothing to interupt what we have'.  Teasing him with her flirty eyes. She lay him down on the floor and began to explore. Moving his legs out. Her red nails moved upwards. She lay kisses on his chest. As her naked breasts brushed against his vulnerable body. Sugar candy was his flavour. She gave him hers. Moving herself all over him. Like two painted mannequins, displayed in different ways. Her adavances made him loose control. As he did she moved back on him. Pressed down hard and smiled and all that she had achieved. Like a hungry wolf she had played the game. She came out on top.

A feast she gave him. He devoured every last bite. Love and lust emptied out the stillness of the night. As he stood up a card fell from his pocket. Queen of hearts. It was like dancing with the devil that night. She took the card. ' What happens next? '. '  Your the one holding the card '. ' So i am '.

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