Saturday, 28 May 2016


Twisting her around. He could taste her salty skin as his lips clenched on to hers. Juicy thoughts filled his mind. Her stare captured his soul. She was like the she devil. Her claws were digging into his isolation. Brushing her fingers through his hair she pushed his head back. He smiled as if to say she could. His eyes defined his thoughts.  Opening up the air with breathless action, they both threw heat onto the pores of each other. His hands had a mind of their own wondering into the forbidden. She held her hair back and brushed it across her shoulder. A cheeky smile crossed her face. She wanted to feel like the queen of his castle. Building the scene from the hours before. Lay me down was his thought. Igniting the night sky with impulses of fogged up windows. Nature stood still as he went in for the kill. Hearts beating out of control. Shadows of their thrusting figures played on the foliage scattered across the pathways. Arms crossed around one another. His hands barely able to resist his desires. It was like a battlefield.

It was if time stood still. She was his flavour he was her saviour. Lights glimmered past them, shaping the excitement to an intense scene. Good and bad played a role in what might happen next. Lips tied together his eyes fixed on her reactions to his advances.  Thirst filled his throat. She moved back to see what was about to unfold. Her eyes growing with his expression. His inhibition’s had been buried. Shy eyes turned into wild eyes. Turning up the music sounds of artistic wonder drowned out the dominated man. His hands dug the material between his nails. She had him captured in her. He could give up now. Let the games begin.