Sunday, 19 June 2016


I am not here 
To wash your soul
I am not here
To fulfil your goals

I am not here
To be a mirror
For your past
I am not here
To be your shattered glass

Don’t think you own me
Stop in your tracks
I am not your horse to saddle
Don’t put your load on my back

When my arms
Are tired worn to the bone
Where are you then
I am helpless
All alone

Existence is not only for you
I am important
My words are honest and true
Take away my burden
Listen to my wording

I must bow down
Take what you give
Hands held above me
A life not yet lived

Where is my pathway
Where do I go
Who will shelter me
From the rain and the snow

Like a scarecrow
Been put there
For your obedience
Not a word I must utter
For I do not matter

Twisting and turning
The knife you will yield   
As I lay still
The night is my shield

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