Monday, 1 August 2016


Vines that strangle
Wooden bridges
Shaping the isolation
The forbidden

Hinged in solitude
Unhinged the war
In her mind
Imperfections that gasp

Layers of broken promises
Cradling the past
Nursing what may
Never last

Spilling water
Over harvested hands
Tunnels that form
Like quick sand


Whipping the silent air
With a sword sharpened tongue
That bleeds the toxic path
Power is his rathe

Dividing the few
Empty vessels
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to explore

Skin that etches
Empty crevasses
Thirst drips on the table
Eyes glaze

Fire burning
Skin raised
Mind is a blaze
Body is a maze

Emotional corners
Too dark to ignore
Particles of flickering flashes
It continues
On it bashes