Tuesday, 27 September 2016


White canvass

Curved for your pleasure

Scenery beneath her

Teases his thrill

Posts align

The dusted pathway

Fenced in

Pulsing scene

Shallow waters flow

In the background

Mouth watering

Sultry streams

Evocative harvesting

Fields of temptress grace

A garden of Eden

A secret lace

Friday, 9 September 2016


Humbled by the background

Drops that fall like snow

Alignment of segments

Flourish in a perfect row

Distance on the hills

Feeling the misty dew

Wafts of scented paradise

Rivers that hold shattered canoes

Crawling foliage strangles

The gaps peeking through

Falling almost on purpose

Breathing life of new

Splintered wooden platforms

Pathways of footsteps

Twinkling shimmering pods

Pulling anxious rods

Saturday, 3 September 2016


Tuck her away

Tearing away her soul

Nothing left

But your control

Force your words

Not hers

Expose her spine

That is just fine

Rain it taps

Away her sadness

Isolating her mind

Frozen in time

Banner of need

You are the hunter

You must feed

Words that cut so deep

Causing an open wound

To burst

To bleed

Throat dry

Breath held heavily

Nothing erases

A memory

Throw your blanket

Over damaged skin

Forgiveness is not

Easily given


Eyes that pardon

Exiled minds

Dripping palms

Hardened crimes

Tortured blazoned saddles

Pulled into temptation

Whispers shuffle

Their suspension

Catapulting kaleidoscopes

Wonder years

Of enemies

Of fears

Salted tears

Sinful ground

Walls call time

Lives remembered

Hold the bell chime