Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Guardian Angel

She held on to her pain
She thought it would never come again
It did in sharp sudden strikes
Her roars were loud her crys like screeching bikes

Will anybody hear me the thoughts ran through her head
she lay herself on the end of her very large bed
her hands gripped the ends like a child holding sweets
her heart began to beat and race her head was full of heat

" Someone please help me",  she yelled out ?
But no one came or heard her the words and cries from her mouth
I cant stand this any longer as she felt a large gush
This is when she began to push and push

God love her she was all on her own the sheets were barely there
will someone please come to me ?
doesnt anyone really care ?
I need to call the doctor where is my phone ?
I dont want to deliver my baby all on my own

Just then the phone began to ring
she crawled to reach out for it
Then she heard a someone sing
she called out ,then suddenly a figure appeared in front of her
As her baby came out , OH LORD GOD HELP YOU
the voice said to her , you poor poor woman
I will ring for help its okay now i will take care of you and baby

AS her babys eyes looked at her with a loving caring stare
she thanked god that night that the stranger did care
we will always remember what you did for us .
My baby will be told of the stranger who helped and we could trust

Friday, 16 September 2011

Leaving Our Shores

It sad to see the people
both young and old
looking for jobs
queing for abroad

Where will we go
they ask? whats best for us
these questions are followed by more
will we learn from the past

They surely want to stay here
but theres no Irish jobs is there at this fair
Hopefully more jobs are on the way
to see them leave their families
it is a very sad day

As my eyes wonder around
 looking at whats happening
i cant help but wonder
is this our maping

Are we destined to wonder
 from place to place
our can we keep or loved ones with us
surely Ireland is the best place

Eyes will be sad hearts will be broken
mothers will cry fathers words left unspoken
sons will say we will be back some day
daughters will hug and kiss them like they will stay

I dont want to feel the hurt and the pain
that i see with people i know
over and over again
they cant even talk it is all to much
the only thing they have is a picture they clutch.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"The Bench "

As she lay in her torn clothes her taughts ran through her head of the times when life wasnt so bad . She managed to get up and be able to look at herself in the mirror without feeling shame or guilt . Racing taughts were her new way of life and siting on her own was also nothing new who would want to be seen next to me she taught to herself . The bench she once used to share with workmates was now her sleeping place . She would stare at the window of the building of which she once worked with happy taughts and then like a bang to her head the reality would hit her . But no matter what had been taking from her she still got to hold on to her memories . Life at night time was so harsh and cruel especially when you would see people take their animals indoors and poor Katy as lying in the dewy grass by morning she would be shaken like a rattle her bones would feel as tough they had been drained of every bit of blood . No feeling in her hands feet or face but still her memories . How did it all come to this she taught ? There she was looking in the bins before others had woken up to do there shoping work etc , picking what she could to fill the hole of hunger in her belly . But nothing could fill it was always empty . Back to her bench she would go and sit and look again at this wonderful building and dreamt of work . People would walk by her and stare like she didnt have any right to be there , but she knew in her head she had as much right as anyone and didnt need to proove herself as she had walked in their shoes before . She taught one day this could be them at least i know both sides now and now i can say i have lived it both ways .  Kathy came across mnay an interesting character along her cold and long days on the street and would learn the tricks on how to survive very quickly indeed . Back to her bench she went and one of the girls that worked with her went by looked with a judgemental eye at her and said you people dont belong around here move on somewhere else before i have you moved . She didnt recongnise Kathy in her dirty state and face drawn look. This lady droped her journal in her haste to get away as quickly as possible and as any one would Kathy atomatically bent over to help her . She shouted leave it alone you "dirty dirty creature ", Kathy was taking back by this responce . She taught god is this how we are treated and looked upon the people i worked with treat me with such hatred . How dare they treat anyone in this manner .
As the weeks passed by Kathys experience had taught her so much about what homeless people were treated like and how people who you taught you knew actually dont know enough about the real world , paper pushers who needed to be given some a reality check . So as monday morning came Kathy woke ip in her own bed and washed herself in a shower but treated the bar of soap as if it were gold this was her new luxury . With her hair done and suit on Kathy was on her way back to the office no exspecting her back for several weeks thinking she was away on a sking holiday , couldnt be further from the truth Kathy was in the snow alright  ,on the ground she slept on no fancy holiday.
  Kathy arrived in the office and the busy talkative office turned quiet all of a sudden . "Good morning Kathy", echoed in the hallway as she passed by . "So kathy",  said her assistant "did you have a good holiday "? Kathy said plenty of time to talk about that later Sue . She stood in the middle of everyone i want you all to come to the board room . All eyes were on her whats going on . "Well all be seated please as you all know i was away fo awhile" , all of them smiling yes we know  "so did you have a good time sking there Kathy", joked one the guys ."Well i actually wasnt sking guys and girls i was actually living on the street for a while" . "What" ? "why "? were the echoes of voices  , "whats happening " , "your hardly that broke came another" . "No i am not but i have been viewing you all and how you treat others less fortunate and i have to tell you i am discusted" . The comments that came from you all was unacceptable and i cant believe these are the kind of people i have working for me such shallow behaviour . Do you not all realise this could be any of us some day we can all fall on hard times but dont need to be so mean to others . I have learned and seen so much in my time and the others i have met in my place while out there welcomed me no questions asked and helped me not looking for anything in return . All the faces on them were full of disappointment and fear . Kathy told them that she would be sending them on work placement in centres run for the homeless and less fortuntate to see how hard a day in their lives can be and also would have to spend a night on the street to get the real picture . Not one of them refused as they had been made see how it could happen to anyone and would welcome this new experience to help others . Kathy went on to open up new buildings for the homeless and for anyone whom needed a roof over their head after all whats money if you cant share it . Kathy would be seen as would some of the people who worked for her helping out in the kitchen cleaning washing what ever was needed for some just reassurance and a friendly word . Kathy had her eyes opened to the reality of others and never looked at her life the same again .

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Glad Rags

Mary lived with her mother and father , they lived a simple life .  She would get up early every morning to make sure they had the fire wood in and shoping to . She would clean and polish the house before she had to take herself off to her paid job . Mary had alot on her plate but dealth with it well as any one could . Her days were long and tiring but she smiled through the good times and the bad . The girls in the office were planning nights out while Mary listened to all the fun they were going ot have . No nights out for Mary , she would go home and do the normal cooking the dinner and cleaning up tiding up the garden which was her get away she had it so beautiful and pretty . While the girls where she worked were pampering themselves she was tending her garden she would wipe her face as the sweat would roll down along her face from all her hard work , this was her face mask . With tired hands and wary body she took herself in doors to clean the floors . The fire was lighting up lovely she sat with her mother and father and they would chat away to her . She showed such great interest in them . Dad turned to her and said as she tucked them both into bed , "thank you Mary your a child to be proud of ". Dont be silly you done the same for me didnt you well no need to thank me now have a good nights sleep father and mother and no need to thank me .
  The next morning Mary awoke from her sleep and done her usual activities of the day . She was siting at her desk typing away and the girls were there hanging around and chating away while she worked her little heart out . Gossip was their favourite topic , but Mary would never get involved as much as they tried to involve her . As she had more important things on her mind than this needless waste of time . Sure enough it was the weekend and Mary was just about to finish up her work when the doors burst open with the sound of laughter and face pulling . So ladies said their boss who is going to buy me a drink , how about you Mary teased her boss knowing quiet well she didnt entertain this kind of life style . Mary tried to mutter out and answer but her gentle words were not to be heard . The noise and laughter drowned out her every word . Well ladies lets go and make the most of the weekend drinks are on me . Mary said her boss "will you lock up like a good girl", "of course" she said  to polite to say what she should say .  So she locked up and stoped at the shops to go and get some food in and went on her way . As her tired feet hit the door she dragged herself in to the house and her happy faced parents were sitting there waiting to greet her and make her feel human again . Mary had something much more than this stage of a life in work she had a loving family waiting for her at home and didnt need the friday night lights to make her feel like something of worth . Mary said to herself, no money in the world can give me what i already have a loving family and life of peace .

Friday, 9 September 2011

Winter Nights

As the nights close in
and they are geting cold
we are cuddled in front
of a fire the colour of gold

We dont want to awake from our sleep
we dont want to leave the cosy warm sheets
we will put on the extra blanket or two
we will most likely catch a cold or flu

As we run from the rain wind and sleet
on our way to our friends we meet
the joy in our face the cold in our hands
but it doesnt matter we are holding onto our tans

hot coffee or tea is a treat you see
walks in the park but as the evenings get dark
we wont be out long for fear of something going wrong
we will do what we can in daylight
and look forward to the relaxing by the fire at night .

warm booties, fluffy socks pyjamas we need
heaten up full blast
imagine what it was like in the past
no light no gas or electrity
they made do with what ever they had
they were happy and glad

no text no chat no facebook or twitter
only homebaking and talk and some good little knitters
times were hard but communication was better
were all in a hurry were all go getters

winter will be long the weather will be hard
but remember we are lucky
to have such luxurys and family
having a roof over my head is my responsiblity

I dont look for much only to provide for my family
and make sure i can bring them up to be the best that they can be
so enjoy what you have and appreciate one another
especially the ones that brought you into the world
your loving father and mother .

Thursday, 8 September 2011

He Passes By

As he passes by the window
of the old house
visitors are left puzzled
they think it is a bird flying by
a shadow in the sky

we are all used to him
we leave him on his way
he is just trying to make the most
of his very long day

When i first seen his shadow it did scare me
but when i realised he meant no harm
he must of once lived here on the old farm
when he walkes along his path he drags his injured arm

I swear he caught me looking
as he went on his way
i could of swore i seen him smile
made me stop and think of him
as he would of sat upon his stile

we been asked to bless the ground of which he walks
but we dont want to bother him
we let him have his right to roam
he is doing all he knows

who are we to interfer
with something we dont know
the shadows of the day and night
have the right to come and go

so we will let you do the daily walk through the land
and hope you reach the place you go
safely hand in hand

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tired Eyes

You decided to close your eyes
that your time on earth was done
you felt like there was no way out
no where left to run

escaping time was easy to do
leaving behind a family who was so upset at you
why oh why ? we ask ourselves
looking for answers , but none are left

The stories you shared
 wrote with such talent
you had knowledge and humour
if only you got the right help sooner

tried to understand
help you how we could
might aswell of been knocking
our heads against the wood

you were not happy
you fought with yourself
the roles in your head
were nothing like any
in any book on a shelf

we visit your grave
 we pray for a while
we ask god to keep you safe
as we remember your wonderful smile

every night before i go to bed
i think of your life short lived
of what you could of been
had you believed more in yourself

so watch over us now and forever
we will mourn your place in our family
and live on in your memory
leave floweres and tears on your graveside
but never ever forget thee .

Thursday, 1 September 2011

got my place on course of my choice so happy cant wait to study social studies