Thursday, 8 September 2011

He Passes By

As he passes by the window
of the old house
visitors are left puzzled
they think it is a bird flying by
a shadow in the sky

we are all used to him
we leave him on his way
he is just trying to make the most
of his very long day

When i first seen his shadow it did scare me
but when i realised he meant no harm
he must of once lived here on the old farm
when he walkes along his path he drags his injured arm

I swear he caught me looking
as he went on his way
i could of swore i seen him smile
made me stop and think of him
as he would of sat upon his stile

we been asked to bless the ground of which he walks
but we dont want to bother him
we let him have his right to roam
he is doing all he knows

who are we to interfer
with something we dont know
the shadows of the day and night
have the right to come and go

so we will let you do the daily walk through the land
and hope you reach the place you go
safely hand in hand

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