Friday, 16 September 2011

Leaving Our Shores

It sad to see the people
both young and old
looking for jobs
queing for abroad

Where will we go
they ask? whats best for us
these questions are followed by more
will we learn from the past

They surely want to stay here
but theres no Irish jobs is there at this fair
Hopefully more jobs are on the way
to see them leave their families
it is a very sad day

As my eyes wonder around
 looking at whats happening
i cant help but wonder
is this our maping

Are we destined to wonder
 from place to place
our can we keep or loved ones with us
surely Ireland is the best place

Eyes will be sad hearts will be broken
mothers will cry fathers words left unspoken
sons will say we will be back some day
daughters will hug and kiss them like they will stay

I dont want to feel the hurt and the pain
that i see with people i know
over and over again
they cant even talk it is all to much
the only thing they have is a picture they clutch.

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