Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tired Eyes

You decided to close your eyes
that your time on earth was done
you felt like there was no way out
no where left to run

escaping time was easy to do
leaving behind a family who was so upset at you
why oh why ? we ask ourselves
looking for answers , but none are left

The stories you shared
 wrote with such talent
you had knowledge and humour
if only you got the right help sooner

tried to understand
help you how we could
might aswell of been knocking
our heads against the wood

you were not happy
you fought with yourself
the roles in your head
were nothing like any
in any book on a shelf

we visit your grave
 we pray for a while
we ask god to keep you safe
as we remember your wonderful smile

every night before i go to bed
i think of your life short lived
of what you could of been
had you believed more in yourself

so watch over us now and forever
we will mourn your place in our family
and live on in your memory
leave floweres and tears on your graveside
but never ever forget thee .

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