Friday, 9 September 2011

Winter Nights

As the nights close in
and they are geting cold
we are cuddled in front
of a fire the colour of gold

We dont want to awake from our sleep
we dont want to leave the cosy warm sheets
we will put on the extra blanket or two
we will most likely catch a cold or flu

As we run from the rain wind and sleet
on our way to our friends we meet
the joy in our face the cold in our hands
but it doesnt matter we are holding onto our tans

hot coffee or tea is a treat you see
walks in the park but as the evenings get dark
we wont be out long for fear of something going wrong
we will do what we can in daylight
and look forward to the relaxing by the fire at night .

warm booties, fluffy socks pyjamas we need
heaten up full blast
imagine what it was like in the past
no light no gas or electrity
they made do with what ever they had
they were happy and glad

no text no chat no facebook or twitter
only homebaking and talk and some good little knitters
times were hard but communication was better
were all in a hurry were all go getters

winter will be long the weather will be hard
but remember we are lucky
to have such luxurys and family
having a roof over my head is my responsiblity

I dont look for much only to provide for my family
and make sure i can bring them up to be the best that they can be
so enjoy what you have and appreciate one another
especially the ones that brought you into the world
your loving father and mother .

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