Monday, 19 December 2011

Conversation understanding

Sun sets it's beams between the tree
Rays of light hit the ground
so softly
Leaves hang below the branches down low
Scorched grass meadow no rain no snow

Stillness fills ones busy mind
with the calm of a quiet forest
 humbling all that enter
As silence falls upon the quiet
let there be nothing but nature itself

Serenity is of our making nature is always calm pure and complete.
 One must want to see the beauty.
The fist good is the toughest to find.
Let the ocean wash me clean of myself
and bring me to a truth that is greater than we.

As my branches clutch the stems of the breathless land
fill me full of sun light to survive distruction of mans hand
My light reaches to hit the heart of the yearning forest trees
Let natural life create itself below my sun beams

Walk in peace and peace will walk with you.
Abandon your self to something greater than our own
perception of a prioritization system
that is not applicable to the forest or the sky or the ocean.
 Nature will prioritize our minds.
Only humans can make things that are not so.

Let nature and nurture combine into you
let socialization help us too
As our fathers and mothers of the past have learned
Let the land teach us everything
Its beauty astounding

Feed the good but dont be afraid to destroy the bad.
The skill is in knowing what is good and what is bad.
Harmony with nature demonstrates what is good.
There can be no doubt.

 Be your own explorer , inventor an progressor
Do not fall to the weak who are bad
Rise above the hatred and hold your head high
We all owe it to ourselves to florish like nature itself

The tiger the bear the crocodile the elephant
the rattler hunt in the absence of malace.
Their power is limited by their need to survive.
They only exhibit pure power.
 When they falter they die with dignity.
To wield the sword of power in the human world
takes much maturity and clarity of purpose.
 I am no longer afraid.

we all have our own personal fight
and when we loose our strenght within ourselves
this gives our hearts and minds no purpose
 so as we are of animal instinct we will stand on our own
willingness to fight until
we falter on our last breath one last sigh


  1. Beautiful. Yes, I finally got here. :)

  2. ah brillant dont know why it playing up i may go and check settings. Thanks for the beautiful comments