Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Dark Knight

I hear the sound of footsteps
No one is behind me
The whistling of the wind
Tares branches from the  trees

Water flows by me
As i walk along this lonely pathway
Something runs past me
Phew ! its only a black cat

Maybe it will bring me good luck
I think to myself
As i look across the field
I'm amazed at the beauty beneath it

The hills almost hit the sky
The sand is piled high
grass grows over the dirt underneath
the ends of it look like a large wreath

The tales are told of a man coming from this place
He rides the black horse over the river
When he comes with his cry
This is something you wont want to hear

But have i ever seen him no not i
Would i ever want to
I wouldnt i reply
So i wonder in amazement

At this pile of hills touching the midnight sky
The man of the night whips his wild horse with delight
He throws himself back as he whips the horses back
His long black coat pulls along over the river tracks

I look to the river its calm and its quiet
Not a whisper or noise
The horseman has lost his fight
He is resting for now
But someday somehow
He will wake up again
And wonder along the hills up high

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