Friday, 16 December 2011

Distance Between Us

Calling out to you
where are you now
wish i knew some how
how to contact you
we really miss not been able to talk
Or wander off for a walk

When we lost contact
its was like been shot in the heart
the distance between us
made our heads tear apart

We didnt know if you were alive or dead
These horrible thoughts ran through our minds
as we lay down at night in our cosy beds
Where is he father would ask

No answers for him no reply to give
His eyes were empty with tears fought back
Poor mother we thought she would crack
As time passed by still no sign of you

Then came that wonderful call a number and all
There you were on the other end my brother my friend
I was so annoyed upset at you
But no matter how angry i felt
Hearing your voice made my heart feel warm
The upset and tormented me began to melt

So now i know your safe and well
Dont be a stranger dont wish us another farewell
We will keep you near and dear in our minds
We will keep in touch until we see you again
mind yourself brother stay healthy and well

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