Friday, 16 December 2011

Hardship Unknown

We sit amongst the cold damp walls
We have little food no heat
no socks or shoes
To cover our worn out feet

The bread thats on the wood chipped table
is black and mouldy
my bed ressembles that of a cattle stable
I lay my head i'm tired not able to move not able

No work no hope no where to go
The snow is thick on the ground flat floor
When we breath we see the mist from our breath
we are cold and hungry we will not sweat

School education what is that?
We dont get to go
We have to work out flat
The pain in my bones
is cutting to my skin
But i will continue my burden
with a smile and a grin

Times i wish that i could be someone else
But would i be any better
would i be writing this letter
As i  sit here in candle light
writing out my thoughts
The scenery around me makes me forget all i fought

I have love in my heart and it beats very strong
The family i have is where i belong
I'm sure things will pick up and the weather will soften
This hardship i have encountered
Hopefully wont effect my future to often

I will lay down now to sleep for the night
And as morning will break hopefully there will be some help and some light

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