Friday, 16 December 2011

Hidden Away

Cabin in the forest
all dusty and empty
Who lives in there
do you wander the floor
do you ever go outside the door

why when i call out
dont you answer me
surely your not that shy
who can you be

Theres someone in there
 i leave food by the steps
the leaves have been swept off
 the railings and shelves

Will you be okay on your own tonight ?
will you be scared and lonely?
In the dark or the light
As i turn to walk away

The curtain turns back
i can barely see you
But i think you want me to come back
As i keep walking and taking my steps

you open the door and show yourself
Your image is that of a lonely lady
why are you here all on your own
Your clothes are tattered old and worn

You reach out to me for help
I see that you want me to know
That your ready now
dont want me to go

I walk up and hold onto you
we sit and talk about what has happened
your whole life through
Your life has been hard

You have chosen this card
Of opening up and letting someone in
Your smiling now
Not living a sin

You didnt deserve your isolation
you didnt deserve a life of complication
Just know now you have a friend for ever
Dont be a stranger i will be here for you no matter what
I'm glad i met you the lady of the cabin hut

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