Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I sit here on the swing
My heart it falls down low
M y mind begins to wander
I dont know where to go

I feel so empty and isolated
Theres no one there for me
The world is on my shoulders
I look down at my scratched and torn knees

These marks are from where i fell
The puddle stopped me
It caught me well
Running back from the neighbours
The lightening filled the the whole of the house

But now its cleared up
But my mind had not
My eyes are filled with sadness
My head has lost the plot

I sing to forget the emotions
That are running all through me
And hope and pray for a better day
Than this one i would gladly wish it away

These questions fill my head
Will life improve with age
Or will i continue to be captured
Like a bird in a cage

But i know this cant be true
I am no animal in a zoo
I will someday grow and blossom
And be glad of what i knew

So as my feet scrape the dirt on the ground
The birds have filled their nests
my head is clear the moon is there
The cold is biting me
Mothers shouting out come in out of the cold

I am sitting in my armchair now
These are distant memories
I am now old
A story told

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