Wednesday, 28 December 2011

In my Dreams

The wind it blows me to my knees
I walk against it with a force of me
I cant stop it from doing what it wants
Its too strong for poor little me

A shelter of a coat is thrown around
My body
I feel no more cold
The good stranger
Helped me in my hour of need

I look up at this tall dark figure
Looks back down on me
Thank you for your help
Your welcome with a smile

As i run in to the arch doorway
He stands there in the middle of the road
I turn to see him one last time
But he has disappeared
This shocks me where has he gone?

No one else has seen this man
I begin to wonder why ?
was it a figment of my imagination?
where is this man i sigh ?

As i lay asleep in my bed
My dreams are replaced with images
Of this day i have had
He is so real in my thoughts and mind

I relive this day as if i had never done before
Then comes a knock to my bedroom door
I wake up shocked scared who could it be?
Then comes a voice its only ME

I suddenly wake up from this dream
With my heart beaten strong
And look at the picture on my bedside locker
Of my husband who here no longer

He came to me in my dreams
Leting me know i would be safe
I dont worry or cry
I pray and kiss his picture
Now i know he is here with me
I love him and wish him well

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