Thursday, 15 December 2011

Morning to Night

The dew is upon the ground
There isn't even a single sound
The cold has pushed the birds
into their nests
But not the robin red breast

He sits there upon his branch
and watches all around him
With his little eyes fixed in a glance

The morning is starting to come alive
The sun is seting in the sky
Clouds break away , make room for sunshine
Birds take flight, dogs bark, cats fight

The postman pushes letters through the door
CLAP CLAP goes the latch upon the door
Smell of toast burning
The coffee and the tea
Children geting ready for school
But not old nanny

There it is silence once more
All the madness mayhem
Clothes threw across the floor
The machine is hopping around the place
Looking in the mirror
Forgot to wash my face

Clothes are blowing on the washing line
Floors are shinning
Husband is whinning

Any chance of a cuppa tea?
Some toast maybe ? one sugar or two ?
She turns and says you may wait and see
That man is making a fool out of me

The smile on her face
says it all, she will look after him
He won't let her stall

House work done
Time to relax
He jumps out of the chair
He was forgeting to pay the tax
But he won't budge to pay it

He gives her a smile
Will you do that for me
of course she will, sure what else has she to do
only everything she thinks to herself
I wonder is there a cure for lazyness

So she hands him the brush
And asks him to sweep
The look in his eyes
He had a look on his face like he was going to weep

The thoughts of cleaning
made him feel really sick
But she was fed up of him taking the mick

So the door bangs behind her
As the brush hits the floor
And he doesn't take advantage
oh not anymore

The time passes by
it is tme for our beds
And we will do it all again tomorow
But he can do it
She is resting her head

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