Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Our Special Place

Where are you now
Where have you gone
You went away a long time ago
You were no where to be found

As i close my eyes
that are full of tears
I some how wish i
could turn back the years

We had some fun
We had a blast
Love like this
could not possibly last

If you were here
What would you say
I wonder what you done
The last time you came this way

This is our place
Where no one else goes
Keep it to yourself
Dont share it with her

I wish as time passes by
That i had more time with you
Why did you have to go
Where are you now

I need you dont you know
My heart is bleeding
I beg you to come back
I need you close
Your the one that got away
The one i miss the most

I will come here everyday
I no you will return and not go away
I see the mark you left on this tree
It is there to remind you of me

So as i wait for you to come back
Another piece of writing i will add to the bark
And as the sap seeps from it
The stars that fill the sky will keep it lit

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