Thursday, 15 December 2011


I have done all i can to proove myself to you
I do everything i can just to please the few
But i'am tired of been stuck to you like glue
I need to breath, to find myself
I'am not some old tatterd book
Hidden away on a shelf

Open me up and see who i'am
Let me show you what i'am made of
Then you will understand
My layers are full of hopes and dreams
my mind feels like it has been pushed to the extreme

If i could say what i feel inside
My hidden emotions
my words left unspoken
My want to connect
But all you do is correct

The walls of the house
replace the frameworks of my mind
I push them back to the place i do not hide
A smile and a nod is all i have left
You have broken me down
All i can do is frown

Your gone now
i'am here on my own
Can't be like the others
I roam my life alone
I never can speak i'am to fragile and weak
You broke me down
You replaced my life and smile with a frown
You dragged me down

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