Saturday, 21 January 2012

Knock Knock

There was one or two houses that wouldn’t give anything, one was known for throwing water on people and sure enough lived up to his reputation. The big lads would love this cause they had a bucket of water waiting for him on this particular night and he wouldn’t see it coming. Well everyone was waiting for the big water fight to begin and so sent some idiot in like poor Mark in to knock the door KNOCK KNOCK  went the door with a fragile knock scared out of his pants he was and too right he should be knowing what was about to happen . So he waited at the door and the lads roared KNOCK it again his winging face was priceless I kind of felt sorry for him he had no choice was either face the wrath of this terrible neighbour or his friends so the contrary neighbour it was . Eventually the light lit up the door way and Mr .Thomas answered the door with a huge smile TRICK OR TREAT went Mark. Then came the slow frosty cold voice I will give you trick or treat ya little bollocks the language my ears would bleed for weeks after . The bucket was in his unforgiving hands and just as the water was about to leave the bucket Joe came running around the corner with his bucket of water at this stage Mark was making a break for it and Joe’s bucket of water soaked this contrary excuse of a human being. The inbreeds he roared out in a shrilling voice that would shake up the Rocky Mountains. The shock and roaring went from pure laughter the front of his house was like a cinema, only difference no admission fee was needed free for all whom wanted a laugh or two. The old shite had learned a valuable lesson, watch thy neighbour as they would watch you.  He never mixed or meddled with any of us again not long after he left not that we forced him out but he just didn’t like us and that was apparent from his disgraceful actions. We all went to he bonfire that night waiting patiently for it to be lit and we counted down as if it were new years eve 10, 9 , 8 ,7, 6, 5 ,4 ,3 ,2, 1……and BLASTOFF like a rocket of its kind went the fire you could fry a small animal on it . We were all so proud of the boys that had made this all possible , well done said everyone coming up to shake their hands they were like heroes to us that night . The joy and pride and their young faces was priceless.  As the night went on the crowds began to get smaller and smaller until there was only the chieftains left looking after there ring of fire and sure they were entitled to have the laugh. They would follow on some time later .  That fire would burn for days after and would serve its purpose

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